Inflow implements a ShoreTel Unified Communications system for the Portland Winterhawks

In the month of December, Inflow recently completed installing a ShoreTel business VOIP phone system for the Portland Winterhawks. The Winterhawks had an antiquated Lucent system.? On big ticket sales days, they experienced a large amount of inbound calls with fans trying to secure tickets.? The old phone system had no way to queue calls or intelligently route calls to the right employees.? Callers would hear ringing for extended periods of time or simply get dropped. The outcome was unhappy fans and lost tickets sales!

Along with the new ShoreTel business phone system, Inflow implemented Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality that allowed callers to be placed in queue and hear team announcements while waiting to be answered.? While in queue, they have the option to be routed to another department, leave a message, or continue to wait.? Their estimated hold times are announced so they know approximately how much time they will have to wait.? Winterhawks employees can see how many callers are in queue and their hold times.? This allows them to staff additional personnel in real time to handle large call volumes.? The Winterhawks now enjoy happier fans and increased ticket sales!