a common sense approach

Inflow Communications, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the leading vendor of business VOIP phone system and Unified Communications applications in the Northwest. We’re proud of the fact that we focus solely on Unified Communications. That being said, because a VOIP phone system is an application on your network, we??re also experts in the design, deployment, and support of VOIP-ready networks.

Preparing your network to facilitate the addition of a VOIP business phone system has to be your first step in any VOIP / Unified Communications project. Understanding the effects your network has on real-time data transmissions, like voice and video over IP, is important for you to begin this preparation process. Inflow Communications has years of experience in designing, deploying, and supporting networks that successfully accommodate Voice over IP and video. The next few posts are a common sense approach to educating you on the most important network factors that can affect voice and video and then the practical approach to addressing these weaknesses.

Stay tuned to our posts over the next few days to learn more.