Some possibilities to think about:

Keep most of the existing handsets but replace your (most likely dying) voicemail system with a Unified Communications server that provides voicemail features like Message Waiting Indication. On top of that, enjoy voicemail-to-email, presence management, find-me / follow-me, smart phone integration, etc.

Integrate a new VOIP phone system to your legacy system to get station-to-station dialing, IP handset migration possibilities, call queuing and call center functionality, etc.

Use Business Enhancement features like database integration, self-help options (enter your account code, get your balance), out-dialing campaigns, text-to-speech, and intelligent call routing (skills-based routing, routing based on caller ID, etc) ? ALL while keeping your existing business phone system.

Migrate from your legacy phone system to todays advanced Unified Communication technologies at your own pace.

Leverage next generation dial tone technology like SIP trunks to save money, create budget, and pay for the technology enhancements.

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