Unified communications food for thought: Legacy phone system integration

Unified communications food for thought: Legacy phone system integration

We often have larger, multi-site customers who have the following challenges:

  1. They realize their antiquated phone system is / has become a liability. Failure is probable and securing replacement parts and service is becoming more difficult.
  2. They want to benefit from the latest in Unified Communications tools (mobility, presence management, single system image with web-based admin, etc).
  3. They don’t have the budget to migrate their technology.
  4. They don’t want to invest any more money in legacy technology (expansion, replacement, maintenance contracts, etc).


Ways a migration plan can meet these challenges head on:

  1. Integrate a ShoreTel VOIP system with the legacy phone system using VOIP to TDM (or digital) gateway technology to facilitate dial tone routing and station-to-station dialing between systems.  This also allows you to replace a subset of your critical handsets with IP phones at one location.

Replace the existing legacy voicemail system with a ShoreTel business phone system.  Using protocols like AMIS, SMDI, and QSIG – provide traditional integration services to the legacy digital sets (message waiting indicator).  Even better, provide these “legacy” users the ability to take advantage of other ShoreTel Unified Communications features like find-me / follow-me, voicemail-to-email, presence management, etc.