Those businesses whom have green initiatives need to look into ShoreTel VOIP Phone Systems and Lifesize Video Conferencing technology to go green, light, sustainable, and save money.

Regardless of the reason, most organizations are looking to become more sustainable, create less carbon footprint, and be more “light”.  Look to Inflow to help:

High-Definition Video Conferencing – Lifesize: Reduce travel, wasted time, fuel emissions, and your carbon footprint by picking up the remote, pressing a button, and collaborate with remote employees, vendors, and customers anywhere in the world via Lifesize and your existing IP network.

ShoreTel VOIP Business Phone System – Leverage ShoreTel’s built-in collaboration tools like remote IP phones, presence management, desktop video, instant messaging, and IPhone and Blackberry integration.  More and more companies are using these tools to work more from home, reducing traffic time, save on fuel, and reduce carbon emissions.  Furthermore, professionals working from home are happier and more productive.

Did you know that ShoreTel uses up to 65% less power than Cisco VOIP systems?  Why?  Because Cisco requires a server for any and all applications.  Servers require fans and hard drives, hard drives require more power.

ShoreTel is appliance-based and consumes less power.  ShoreTel is better.  This is my blog, I can say what I want..