High Definition Video Conferencing over Clear Wireless?

High Definition Video Conferencing over Clear Wireless?

Okay, so this isn’t best practices by any means.  That being said, Inflow Communications recently conducted a ShoreTel and Lifesize video conferencing “Lunch and learn” at the Portland City Grill.  As we do in all our Lunch and Learns, we discussed ShoreTel and video conferencing technology and gave real-world demonstrations.  The problem?  We couldn’t get their IT staff to cooperate with us in regards to configuring their firewall to allow certain TCP and UDP ports for our video conferencing / Lifesize equipment.  In a pinch, we installed a small Clear modem, pointed the antenna out the window, and connected it to the Lifesize equipment.  I’ll apologize again to Lifesize’s Northwest area sales manager; he was very stressed about connecting Lifesize over a “commodity-grade” wireless connection and presenting to a roomful of prospects.  This type of wireless Internet connection is generally less than ideal for real-time video conferencing and voice over IP communications.  Often times, there is too much packet loss, delay, jitter, and latency to produce a high quality video conferencing or VOIP experience.

So after a lot of “setting expectations” to the crowd, we connected up with Lifesize’s corporate headquarters in Texas.  The results were fantastic!  We had a High Definition video conferencing call between Portland, Oregon and Dallas, Texas over Clear for over 30 minutes!  That just goes to show that Lifesize equipment is truly the “cream of the crop” as it pertains to a quality “lifelike” video conferencing experience.  Our Lifesize sales are increasing as customers see the value and oftentimes drastic cost savings a true High Definition video conferencing experience can bring them.


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