The business phone system line provider

We’ve already compared two of the three components of a successful VoIP phone system / Unified Communications deployment; the vendor and the actual VoIP phone system equipment and technology. This blog will cover the third, the carrier. Like phone system / Unified Communications vendors and the actual VoIP phone system equipment, there are traditional carriers and next-generation carriers.

Traditional Phone Line Carriers:

Somebody, a long time ago, signed a 5-year contract and we’re paying 15 cents a minute for long distance!

Don’t ask for caller ID – advanced features like that cost more money (how dare you?)

You want some sort of fail-over option for your phone lines? That’s ridiculous, where did you dream up an idea like that?

You want direct numbers (DIDs)? Sure, you just need to pay for a PRI – oh that costs you $400+

Don’t worry about the extra $300 worth of fees on your bills. All those acronyms mean they’re important and you need to pay them. Besides, we don’t even know what they mean (have a great day).

The only time they call you is when they want you to renew your contract

Sound familiar? This is the all-too-common model of the traditional business phone system

Next Generation VoIP / SIP Trunk Providers:

Inflow Communications works with a number of “Next Generation” carriers that can provide service to our clients nationally. Although we’re experts in a “best of breed” VoIP product – ShoreTel, and we provide outstanding service and support to our ShoreTel VoIP customers, our relationships with specific SIP trunk providers make us and our solutions nothing short of powerful. So a comparison to traditional line carriers and products:

You would like to integrate and test SIP trunks slowly into your business? No problem, let’s keep the traditional PRI connected to your ShoreTel system and deploy a handful of SIP trunks over your existing network infrastructure. You can purchase the SIP trunks one trunk at a time and on a month-to-month basis. We’ll least-cost route your long distance over the SIP trunks – saving you money immediately and allow you to test the technology at your own pace.

Long Distance – starts at .02 per minute or you pay a “flat rate” that gives you unlimited long distance over the SIP trunks

Extra fees and taxes – only about 12% of your phone bill (by the way, that’s a lot less than other providers).

Fail-over? Sure we can bring your SIP trunks over a primary connection (fiber, MPLS, T1, Ethernet, etc) and fail over to a secondary, commodity-grade Internet connection like Comcast. Oh, we can automatically fail to another site. How does the ShoreTel handle that? That’s the beauty of ShoreTel – it’s a single-system image where all components, network-wide, have the entire database burned into flash memory. I can terminate inbound calls to another ShoreTel Voice Switch and it knows exactly what to do with that call. How do we fail the actual SIP trunks across connections and locations? Call Inflow to find out 🙂

You only need 5 SIP Trunks but want Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers? No problem.

You’re a seasonal organization and you only want to pay for calls as you use the SIP trunks (maybe you’re a school)? No problem.

Call Inflow Communications. We provide powerful, custom ShoreTel and SIP solutions wrapped in world-class support!

We have sales and engineering resources located in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and LA.