Why VoIP is the Right choice for Small Business Phone Systems?

Regardless of your organization’s employee count, number of locations, and budget, VoIP is the absolute right choice for small business phone systems.  There are a number of reasons why a small business might be looking to upgrade, migrate, or purchase their first phone system. Either way, a small business should only be looking into a VoIP system.  Do NOT purchase a digital or a hybrid system (digital system with some VoIP capabilities).  Why? Many reasons:

  • The benefits of VoIP in a small business phone system are invaluable.
  • Global presence management (the ability to see if users are on the phone, in do not disturb, etc – regardless of their communication device or location).
  • Remote employees can answer calls, transfer, and park; see calls in queue, etc – regardless of their location!  We’re seeing more and more small businesses use small business phone system technology to build “virtual” offices to keep professional appearances up and costs down.
  • Find-me / follow-me and call forwarding:  Take your extension anywhere and stay connected.  This is great for mobile employees and road warriors.
  • Manage the phone system YOURSELF from anywhere– with simple web-based administration tools.  Why pay the local phone “tech” lots of money to add a phone, delete a voicemail box, etc?
  • Get your own phone number – with a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number.
  • Stay in touch – get your voicemails emailed to your mobile device.

These are just a few features available in the right small business phone system.

Other reasons:

  • A VOIP small business phone system potentially costs the same as a digital or hybrid one.
  • No research and develop is being spent on legacy digital OR hybrid technology.  Don’t be caught in a situation where your equipment is no longer manufactured or supported in a few years.
  • If designed right, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is MUCH less with a VoIP small business phone system.  Features like web-based administration, simplified wiring (like a computer, just unplug and plug the phone into another jack if you want to move it), and ability take advantage of SIP trunking over inexpensive Internet connections – are all just a few reasons a VOIP small business phone system can save you considerably over time.