ShoreTel News

Release 10: In General Release NOW

Distributed Workgroups: can be distributed across locations for local survivability and fail-over (workgroups were formerly only on the HQ server).

T.38 Fax-over-IP protocol: a handshaking protocol that provides better transmission of facsimile over IP networks.

Priority Paging: The ability to create a priority paging group that will “barge-in” to calls in the event of an emergency.

V-1 Client Support: The ability to upgrade your ShoreTel switches and servers and all client applications will function one version behind.  This allows you to upgrade your Call Manager applications at your leisure (useful for large organizations).

Automatic changes to call handling mode and/or extension assignment: based on what Bluetooth device your mobile phone connects to or where you are located (per GPS tracking).  For example, you leave the office and get in your car.  Your mobile device (loaded with Mobile Call Manager) connects to your car Bluetooth and automatically assigns your extension to your cell phone.
ShoreTel 11: (This is a secret—in Controlled Release next month)

  • HQ Director is supported virtually
  • A new touch screen executive phone
  • Web-based Personal Call Manager – supported with IE, Firefox, and Safari
  • And much more….!