A VoIP Cost analysis: Compare your current telecomm costs with SIP, Part 1

We’ve talked quite a bit about the cost savings associated with SIP and IP Telephony.  It’s understood that the integration of a VOIP business phone systems and the right VOIP provider is a powerful combination that leads to substantial savings, better communication tools, and increased organizational efficiencies.

It all sounds good in theory – but is it really possible?  What does that look like in your own organization?  Yes, we do it every day.  Hard-dollar cost savings associated with IP phone systems and SIP trunking has saved our Portland, Oregon and Northwest customers a substantial amount of money over the last three years.  Our unique approach to providing our customers an economic analysis (that focuses on hard-dollar savings, not soft costs) has given them the ability to free up dollars to finally migrate their business phone systems to Inflow and our ShoreTel or Allworx VOIP systems.  This has fueled our growth in an otherwise not-so pretty economy.

How can you look at your current telecommunication costs and prepare an equivalent SIP / VOIP phone service configuration?  Well because SIP trunking is so flexible, and you can deliver it over any IP connection, the cost can vary depending on your situation.

In my next post, I’ll outline the steps that I use to prepare an analysis for my customers.  The results are very rough numbers that don’t factor things like geographic location, number portability, installation costs, SIP providers, or further discounts associated with volume commitments.  They do give us a starting place for further dialog about the transition.

If you can’t wait to calculate your cost savings or need some help, contact us, we’re happy to assist.  Call us at (503) 575-7530 or email at sales@inflowcomm.com