Some possibilities to think about:

Keep most of the existing handsets but replace your (most likely dying) voicemail system with a Unified Communications server that provides voicemail features like Message Waiting Indication. On top of that, enjoy voicemail-to-email, presence management, find-me / follow-me, smart phone integration, etc.

Legacy PBX Migration

We often times have customers who need to keep their existing business phone system, but need to leverage the tools that are available with the latest Unified Communication / VOIP Business phone system technologies. This is even more common in this economy. How can your organization maintain a competitive advantage by deploying technologies like mobility integration, telephony database integration, presence management, ACD / Call Center Functionality, IVR (interactive Voice Response), and general business VOIP features – all with little to no budget?
Synergy Research Report Reaffirms ShoreTel's Increasing Market Position The leading independent research firm declares ShoreTel the Fastest Growing IP Telephony Vendor Worldwide, the #1 Worldwide Unified Communications Desktop Solution Provider and the third leading supplier in the United States. Read the press release with compelling analyst quotes.

Creating the budget for a new business VOIP phone system

Inflow Communications has been growing even though we’re in the “Great Recession”. This is because we often times assist our clients in creating budgets for technology acquisition, more specifically in network infrastructure, Unified Communication tools, IP phone systems, and video conferencing. This is because these technologies usually have significant, hard-dollar cost savings associated with them.

ShoreTel releases the IPhone Mobile Call Manager Application in Release 11

It’s here and ready for deployment in ShoreTel 11. Download it for free at the IPhone app store. However you MUST have ShoreTel’s Mobile Access license. By the way, for new customers over 50 phones, ShoreTel is giving its Mobile Call Access License and Professional Call Manager License away. Get the following now on your IPhone:

Those businesses whom have green initiatives need to look into ShoreTel VOIP Phone Systems and Lifesize Video Conferencing technology to go green, light, sustainable, and save money.

Regardless of the reason, most organizations are looking to become more sustainable, create less carbon footprint, and be more “light”. Look to Inflow to help:

A Different Approach to Purchasing Technology — Managed Services

We’ve blogged quite a bit this month ( comparing the traditional business and support model most phone system vendors follow and a new way to look at technology with managed services. More and more companies are demanding a more comprehensive, cost-effective approach to their communications. We’ve answered that call with our Managed Services programs. A quick comparison of the traditional model many phone vendors use and Managed Services.

Inflow Communications has the privilege to be the official phone system for the Portland Winterhawks.

Inflow Communications will be deploying a ShoreTel Business VOIP phone system for the Portland, Oregon-based Portland Winterhawks in December, 2010.

Inflow Integrates ShoreTel Unified Communications system to an Avaya PBX System (Part 2)

Inflow Communications integrated to Windermere’s core Avaya PBX using (2) private PRI connections. This facilitated station-to-station dialing and caller ID between the legacy Avaya system and the ShoreTel VOIP phone system. It also allowed Windermere to route external inbound and outbound calls terminating into the ShoreTel system over to the Avaya system digital phones.

Inflow Integrates ShoreTel’s Unified Communications system to an Avaya PBX (Part 1)

Inflow Communications is the first ShoreTel partner to integrate a ShoreTel Unified Communications system to an Avaya PBX for PBX and voicemail functionality. Cronin & Caplan, one of the Northwest’s largest Windermere franchises, with over 8 locations and 400 plus agents, looked to Inflow Communications for a unique VOIP / Unified Communications solution.

Unified communications food for thought: Legacy phone system integration

We often have larger, multi-site customers who have the following challenges:

Things to Consider When Evaluating an Enterprise-Class Business Telephone System:

The following are a list of features that are fairly unique to ShoreTel. From an architecture standpoint, they’re all pretty important – especially in a multi-site environment. It’s a bit wordy (like me) but all very important. Again, Inflow is a ShoreTel Partner so we might be a little biased; however this is a great guide to use when evaluating VOIP Business Telephone Systems and Vendors.