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Solving Real World Problems with 3 Point Communication Analysis

By Travis Dillard, President of Inflow Communications

In a world where communication changes rapidly, it’s no surprise when large companies run into issues of communication gaps, burned out IT staff, disparate communication tools making work frustrating for traveling staff, remote offices left on a “communication island” and overall, a loss of holistic, internal business communications.

These are real world problems facing our customers today, and we approach these issues with real solutions by uncovering the biggest pain points and leveraging both On Premise VoIP and Cloud technologies to fit business needs.

Using our 3 Point Communication Analysis with a large mortgage company, we uncovered the business’s needs and issues, like remote offices with no IT staff, adding small retail offices throughout the country, managing multiple cloud providers at remote offices that have limited network and computing resources and more.… Read the rest

Cloud VoIP with Locally Survivable Gateways is Voted Most Popular Hybrid Model

When there are a lot of options, it’s hard to know where to start – especially with something as complex as Hybrid Unified Communications. My clients often like to hear case studies or want to know what model is the most popular among my clients before landing on a successful Hybrid Unified Communications model for their business. Recently one of the most popular models our clients use is Cloud VoIP with Locally Survivable Gateways. 

And the biggest reason why my clients love this Hybrid Unified Communications model is that it adds VoIP gateways to the customer’s local network.  These VoIP gateways connect to local dial tone resources (PRI, analog POTS, or SIP trunks).  So if the connection to the cloud provider becomes unavailable, the IP phones register this with the VoIP gateway and calls are routed out of the local dial tone trunks.… Read the rest

On Site VoIP with Unified Communications Applications in the Cloud: The Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl of Hybrid Unified Communications

By Travis Dillard, President of Inflow Communications

One of the major case-in-point examples that you don’t need to choose either an On Site VoIP or a Cloud communications model is using both at once. The On Site VoIP System with Unified Communications Applications in the Cloud is a great example of ways you can benefit from both models and that there’s really no need to choose one over the other.

Eighty percent of this installation is similar to a traditional On Site / On Premises VoIP. Call processing, core Unified Communication applications and dial tone access reside on the local network(s) of the organization’s offices.

The most unique aspect of this model is that it allows you to consume various cloud-based Unified Communication applications on an “as needed” basis.… Read the rest

Why Student Safety and Antiquated Phone Systems Don’t Mix

By Travis Dillard, President, Inflow Communications

Imagine it’s the first Monday of a new school year. Hordes of students funnel into classrooms and teachers immediately dive into the syllabus. Everything is going smoothly until emergency strikes: A student suffers an extreme allergic reaction and she requires immediate medical attention.

Thankfully, the staff is prepared. Within minutes, the school nurse is providing care, a teacher has dialed 911, and a dispatcher has confirmed that an ambulance is on the way. Disaster averted, right?

It depends. If your phone system isn’t up-to-date, is designed improperly, or it doesn’t adhere to modern best practices, then the dispatcher may have actually sent the ambulance to the wrong place — the administration building where the phone system resides and connects to the Public Switched Network (PSTN), rather than the school where the emergency occurred.… Read the rest

They are NOT all the same – What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Hybrid Unified Communications Model

cloud voip hosted voip

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) will represent about 50 percent of the Global VoIP market in five years. What direction should you go? Analysts predict that the future global IP telephony market will be a 50/50 split between organizations using cloud VoIP or On Site VoIP / On Premises VoIP. I can tell you from experience, Hybrid Unified Communications offers the best of both worlds and it is here to stay.

Advances in the telecomm industry with a pinch of creativity has given customers the freedom to design and consume Unified Communications technologies on their own terms. Take a look at the examples of Hybrid Unified Communications below that we successfully deployed for some of our clients:

• On Site VoIP System with Unified Communications Applications in the Cloud

• On Site Unified Communications at the Core and Cloud VoIP at the Remote Office

• Disparate On Site VoIP System(s) with a Cloud Contact Center Overlay

• Integrator-Provided Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

I’m talking about each one of these models in great detail in a free 13-page white paper: “Hybrid Unified Communications: The Alternative to Cloud VoIP and On Site / On Premise VoIP.” I offer key insights and case studies to help pinpoint the best model for your business needs – download the white paper and learn more today! … Read the rest

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