Advances in the telephony industry with a pinch of creativity have given customers the freedom to design and consume Unified Communications technologies on their own terms. IT decision-makers no longer have to pigeonhole their organizations into one VoIP model or the other.

Combine the stability and control of an on site phone system with the immediacy and convenience of the cloud. Using the best of both worlds empowers CIOs and IT professionals to deploy the type of VoIP platform that best suits their individual network strategies.

Our company has been intimately involved in the design, deployment and support of a highly diverse customer base and communication system needs. Including the following:

  • Cloud-Based VoIP with Locally Survivable Gateways

  • On Site VoIP System with Unified Communications Applications in the Cloud

  • On Site Unified Communications at the Core and Cloud VoIP at the Remote Offices

  • Disparate On Site VoIP System(s) with a Cloud Contact Center Overlay

  • Integrator-Provided Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)


Stay Secure in the Cloud

Hybrid communications solutions that serve applications from the cloud are new to many IT managers. We understand the concerns many enterprises with in-house solutions may have about opening data up to the cloud. With ShoreTel hybrid, potential security and privacy concerns can be addressed through superior system design and network operations.  A key example: communications between premises and the ShoreTel cloud occur over an HTTPS connection and email.


1. ShoreTel doesn’t sell multiple lines of phone systems.  They also don’t sell home networking products, televisions and refrigerators.  Like Inflow, they’re 100% committed and focused on their craft – Unified Communications.

2. With one software code base, they deliver a single, world-class, brilliantly simple Unified Communications system in three deployment models – On site, Cloud or a Hybrid.  On site can be appliance-based or completely virtual.

3. They’ve revolutionized the industry by delivering a Unified Communications platform with “best-in-class” Collaboration, Mobility and Contact Center Tools that are the easiest to use, easiest to administer and “self-healing” under any failure scenario imaginable.

We feel that it’s our duty to our customers to work with a Unified Communications Technology provider that shares our same values and philosophy.  That’s why we continue to proudly stand alongside ShoreTel as our one and only Unified Communications platform as we strive to be the best in the country.

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